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January 12, 2012
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Sometimes you're single and so New Years, when it comes 12 o'clock, you lose. So instead for me, at the countdown culmination, I was amidst 6 guy friends in the hallway of a party, cheering hurray! or harry! or hallway! Forget which. After that it was more revelry and dancing; an all around enthusiastic opening of 2012's door. Sometime between 2 or 3, I did not check, it was time for me to leave and start my walk home. I left with my goodbyes, and got outside.

It wasn't cold out, very mild; it could have snowed if it wanted to. I was in my jacket, my tie, and decked fly, like a gentleman. I crossed the street and went up the block a bit and was beside a bank that allows people to come inside and use the ATM. It had windows of glass. As I was walking by I see from my corner vision a girl fell down hard, very. I tried to get in to assist but the door was locked, a second girl was there just watching the fallen one. I knocked and gestured to her to let me in. She did. The girl on the floor was in a sparkle blue dress and wasted. I asked her, "Are you okay? Do you need help?" And she looked at my through scrunched-in-confusion eyes and said, "Mmmmmmmmnoooo," and waved me off, and slowly started struggling herself upright. So, okay, sorry. She was gonna be okay though, it seemed. I went over to the other girl and asked if she knew the girl on the floor she said no. She was a nice looking, well dressed, calm and composed. She was perhaps waiting for her boyfriend to come back from somewhere. We talked briefly, making sure the faller became more able-footed. All a sudden - I don't know what it was that compelled me, it came as an entirely unpremeditated motion - I said, "I didn't kiss at midnight. Can we kiss?" And she looked at me square and didn't even answer verablly, we just went in, we kissed. Then, stunned by it, retracted, and looked at each other to check that this was what was really happening, okay, I guess it is, and we went in again and kissed again. Then looked at each other again. I wished her a goodnight, a happy new years, and hit the streets to walk home.
I thought the beginning was the best part, though I like the event structure. The line 'hurray, harry, hallway' made me laugh though.
RingtailFox Jan 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting piece, your style of writing allows me to envision it clearly. :meow:
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